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Women are the backbone of most homes. They play multiple roles viz., mother, daughter, sister, wife and friend. They help us stay sane by taking up most of the responsibilities at home. This is especially in case where a couple is staying alone. The wife ensures everything is smoothly running, right from paying bills on time to ensuring cleanliness at home. During COVID-19, we all have placed special emphasis on cleanliness and consuming healthy food.

In this blog, we will delve and notice how some superheroes don't wear capes but instead help save the day for a grieving family.


When we talk about a happy family, the image showcases a loving and caring husband who is breadwinner, a lovely wife who takes care of the family needs and the fun kids!.

We have seen how women have kept their desires and needs at bay and saved the day by keeping the interest of the family at the forefront.

It was mid-pandemic when a loving wife, Ruhi, tested positive for COVID-19. During the hospitalization, the family lost its backbone - Ruhi had passed away. It was difficult for the family to manage the house. The loss had a grave impact on the psychological wellbeing of the family. The emotional trauma along with the physical stress was showing up slowly on everyone..

The neighbours were supportive and initially helped with regular supply of meals. But considering that the house needed to return to normalcy, Deepak, Ruhi's husband, took a decision and hired additional domestic helpers to manage the household smoothly..

A family friend tried to connect with Deepak after few weeks to check in on the family. Deepak returned the call he had missed as he was on the court, playing tennis.

When the friend tried and offered help, Deepak, feeling overwhelmed, thanked for the offer but mentioned that the family and himself were holding up fine and did not need any help now. Surprised, the friend probed to understand how Deepak and the family was coping. Friend wondered how was Deepak able to get back to the routine and be at the court to play so soon? Deepak informed that the family had hired skilled domestic employees to help with daily chores. Of course, the expenses increased but the stress of running a house while grieving was considerably reduced. The domestic helpers took care of almost every need of the family and were becoming one of them. .

One chef and cleaner saved him the trouble of running around the house - taking care that the food was cooked on time and the floor was clean for his young kids. The chef even managed and stocked the groceries for the week.

The skilled household employees went a step above and beyond to help the family at all times. The cleaner also took care of the kids, like they were her own. She cleaned the house thoroughly, every day. The chef made great food, keeping in mind the taste buds of all members in the house. The needs of the family like provision of healthy food, cleaning, laundry, etc. were taken care the domestic helpers.

It was surprising to the family friend that hiring two domestic skilled employees considerably reduced the pain of doing the daily chores for Deepak. These were the same chores for which Ruhi had missed important events like her school reunion, batchmate's birthday party and her spa routine among others. It was realised that nothing is more important than living your life and enjoying the little moments of happiness.

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