Refund Policy for Staffurs

It is really sad to know that you need to think about Replacement / Refund. Our team is making sure they leave no stone unturned to provide value to you.


We have no refund policy for Economy and Standard Packages as most of our customers are able to find the candidates of their choice from the options available to them. However, If you find that few of the contact details unlocked by you were wrong nos, you may write to us along with those candidate nos at will take action to support you in the best possible way



If you are our Premium package buyer, You can opt for Replacement 

Team Staffurs is dedicated to leave no stone unturned to solve customer requirements and find the best match. Domestic Staff are needed always. If you don't want to continue with our services at the moment, in this case a balance amount credit note will be issued for next time use

e.g. : if a Candidate works for 2 months and leaves, then 2 months’ worth of contract amount + 3999 (servicing fees) + applicable GST will be deducted and credit note for the rest all amount will be issued for the client. The credit note will be issued only after payment of the maids/ staffs salary.

For questions and inquiries, kindly drop us a mail at will take action to support you in the best possible way



Below are some suggestions to avoid refunds and replacements altogether



Both You and the candidate empower each other and both the parties are transitioning in a new working relationship. Communication is what make or break a new relationship. Try to establish healthy and solution oriented communication with your candidate



Empathy will go a long way, so be empathic with your selected candidate, One of the biggest reasons for Candidates leave is that they don't feel respected or are treated appropriate



Listen to your candidate's issues and try and solve them.



Be a fair employer - Offer wages & perks at par with the market trends